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Prime Card Header


The exclusive Prime Card will make you a welcome customer worldwide.


As part of our new brand image, from mid-April 2020, Prime Card will be called Prime.

The Benefits of the Prime Card

Worldwide acceptance

You can use the Prime Card to withdraw cash from any one of more than 2 million ATMs or to make direct payments as with a credit card at over 44 million stores and online shops accepting Mastercard.

Exclusive card design

The exclusive, high-quality card design will make you a welcome customer worldwide.

Quickly available, easy to load

The Prime Card is easily and quickly available at your bank, where funds can be loaded at any time. Choose the desired amount up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, US dollars or Swiss francs. The load amount is debited to your bank account.

Three currencies

The Prime Card is available in euros and US dollars so that no currency conversion is involved in payments and cash withdrawals in Europe and in the USA, respectively. As a result, no exchange losses are incurred. The card is also available in Swiss francs.

Full control over your expenses

You can check your expenses, cash withdrawals, and your card balance at any time by means of the «My Card» app or in the Account Status. To find out about your remaining balance or your latest cash withdrawals, you can also call Swiss Bankers Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15.

Utmost safety

The Prime Card is secure: Your card can only be charged when funds have been loaded. If lost or stolen, your card including your credit balance will be replaced worldwide by courier free of charge. Furthermore, the Prime Card is equipped with the latest chip technology and offers added protection against online card fraud thanks to the SecureCode.

Protected funds

The Prime Card is issued by Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services Ltd, the leading issuer of prepaid credit cards in Switzerland, owned by Swiss banks. Swiss Bankers holds a banking license so that your card assets are fully covered by the depositor protection scheme.

No annual fee

There is no annual fee for your Prime Card. You merely pay a loading commission, generally 1.5 % of the load amount. In addition, the fees may vary depending on the loading mode. ATM withdrawals are only charged EUR 5.–, USD 5.– or CHF 5.–, depending on card currency. When you use the card in shops or online, the fee is EUR 1.–, USD 1.– or CHF 1.–.

The Prime Card is available at selected private banks in Switzerland.


No annual fee

There is no annual fee for your Prime Card.


From 1.5% of the load amount (may vary depending on the distribution partner)

Additional loading options via online and app:
By e-banking
Using the PostFinance Card: CHF 6.–
By credit card via the app «My Card» - fast loading: 1.5% on the total amount

Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals at ATMs are charged at CHF 5.–, EUR 5.–, or USD 5.– only, depending on the card currency (cash withdrawals in other countries are charged at CHF 7.50, EUR 7.50, or USD 7.50 from 1st September 2019). Handling fee for transactions is 0.00%.

Cashless Payments

When you use the Card in shops or online, the fee is EUR 1.–, USD 1.– or CHF 1.–.

Loss and Theft

If lost or stolen, the Card will be replaced worldwide free of charge and including the remaining balance by courier.

Card Balance Refunds

Customers who no longer wish to use their Card may withdraw the card balance from an ATM or have it transferred to a bank account against a fee of CHF/EUR/USD 20.–. Upon expiration of the Card an annual handling fee of CHF/EUR/USD 20.– will be charged.

Third-Party Fees

In some cases, ATM operators or vendors of goods and services charge fees on cash withdrawals or payments, respectively. Swiss Bankers has no influence on these fees, which are not only charged on the Prime Card but on all credit cards, prepaid credit cards and Maestro cards of any card issuer.

Prime Card Fees

Positioning The exclusive card for private banking clients
Currencies CHF / EUR / USD
Max. number cards nat. person 5
Max. number cards leg. person 1 per currency per card holder
Top-up min. CHF / EUR / USD 100.00
Top-up max. based on conditions
Annual fee for end-customers -
Top-up fee normally 1.50%
Processing fee change of currency* 0.00% (none)
Processing fee foreign country* 0.00% (none)
Domestic ATM withdrawal fee
depends on card currency
CHF / EUR / USD 5.00
Foreign ATM withdrawal fee*
depends on card currency
CHF / EUR / USD 7.50
Transaction fee POS and online CHF / EUR / USD 1.00
Replacement card fee free
Available from selected private banks
Use options
  • ATM
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Contactless (NFC)
  • Online (e-Commerce)
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, SwatchPAY!
Characteristics Identical to Travel Cash, in addition higher limit than other prepaid cards.
Blocking, unblocking via "My Card" app.

*valid from 01.09.2019

Here you can find the product overview.