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Frequently asked questions about the Mastercard Prepaid Digital 

Do you have any general questions about your card related to PIN codes, security, mobile payments, services or Swiss Bankers? You can find the answer in our general FAQs

Obtaining a digital Mastercard Prepaid card

The loadable digital credit card offered by Swiss Bankers works like a normal prepaid card. The only difference is that the card exists solely on your smartphone.

The digital Mastercard is a purely digital prepaid credit card. Download the «My Card» app from the Google Play store. You can order the prepaid card from the app. The card will be available on your phone within just a few seconds. Then you can use the app to load the card. The new balance will be available in just 15 minutes. Your card will then be ready to use. If you load the card using e-banking, the new balance will be activated on your card within around two workdays.

This smartphone-only card is for people who enjoy the convenience of mobile and online payments. As a reloadable digital credit card, it is also great for students with pre-defined budgets.

With our digital prepaid card, all payment information is stored on your smartphone. It works just like a normal mobile payment: simply activate the screen of your smartphone, hold it next to the payment terminal and complete the transaction.

Minimum load amount CHF 100.–. Maximum load amount resp. card balance CHF 10,000.–.

You will be billed CHF 2.90 on a monthly basis.

At most locations you will still need a physical card to withdraw cash.

The Mastercard Prepaid Digital card is completely secure. Thanks to the prepaid functionality, the card can only be charged in the amount of the currently available balance. Once you activate your card on your smartphone or your smartwatch, you will be assigned a unique device identifier known as a token. Your token is encrypted and stored on the phone or watch, meaning that your confidential card information is not saved on the device. Additional security settings, such as freezing or unfreezing your card, can be managed in the «My Card» app