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Frequently asked questions about the Value Card

Do you have any general questions about your card related to PIN codes, security, mobile payments, services or Swiss Bankers? You can find the answer in our general FAQs

Corporate cards - Getting a Value Card

For all companies, organizations and public authorities who load at least CHF/EUR/USD 100'000.- per year. As the manager, you decide how much credit is available to each employee, customer or cardholder for their worldwide business expenditures.

The Value Card is for companies whose employees travel abroad and are confronted with regular additional fees for making payments in other currencies. You can also easily issue a Value Card to project support staff so that they can make fast payments while they are on the road. The prepaid corporate card also allows you to easily distribute expense allowances to employees. Processing fees for withdrawing cash are kept low.

If your card gets lost or stolen, or is used for fraudulent purposes, the best course of action is to freeze the card using the «My Card» app. Then get in touch with our customer support team on +41 31 710 12 15.

Your credit is fully protected as long as the cardholder has not been negligent.

The company is the beneficiary owner of the card balance. Furthermore, the cards are loaded by the company.

There are no fees for making payments. Withdrawing cash costs CHF 5.–, EUR 5.– or USD 5.–, depending on the currency of the card. Cash withdrawals in other countries are charged at CHF 7.50, EUR 7.50, or USD 7.50.

The company is liable for outstanding bills payable to Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG. Card balances may be blocked by Swiss Bankers.