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EasyCash Filler

Easy Cash


Easy Cash solution

The Easy Cash solution has been designed for organisations (such as companies, government agencies, associations, federations, etc.) that would like to pay their customers, employees, delegates, members, aid recipients or other beneficiaries. Payments may cover wages, out-of-pocket expenses, refunds, social benefits, etc.

  • The organization hands the Easy Cash Card to the beneficiary and loads the Card via an online application.
  • Loads may be one-time only or on a repeat basis. The beneficiary needs neither bank nor credit card account to receive the funds.
  • The Easy Cash Card allows beneficiaries to withdraw cash from any of more than 1.5 million ATMs and to pay for purchases directly at more than 11 million merchant locations, restaurants and hotels.

Your benefits

  • Efficient processes and systems; simple and fast handling
  • Low operating expenses
  • Transparent reporting and controlling
  • High security for the organisation (if Card is lost or stolen) and for the beneficiary (receives credit for remaining balance; Card promptly replaced if lost)
  • 24-hour service for loads and withdrawals
  • Withdrawal at more than 1,5 million ATMs and payment at more than 13 million merchant locations (Maestro network)
  • Information about the card account via Internet (Account status) or personal customer service +41 31 710 12 15

Terms & Conditions

  • Easy Cash is intended for big companies, big organizations, and authorities issuing at least 500 Cards a year for one-time payments or 100 Cards a year for repeat payments
  • The load volume is to be at least CHF 100,000.00 a year
  • The Card cannot be marketed to the financial sector due to legal constraints and compliance regulations
  • Prices for the Easy Cash solution may vary depending on the number of Cards issued and load volume.

Please contact us for a customized proposal tailored to your Organisation’s requirements.
Tel. +41 31 710 12 17